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Dec 1, 2013 8:00pm PST
't have to tell the fans how important this game was for the niners today. they were loud out here as always enjoying one of the last games here at candlestick park and only two more regular season games left at the stick. today the niners would start slow, struggling to complete anything. they did get a few field goals to go but that was about it, early in the second quarter, they would get it moving a little bit better, three yard touchdown run from frank that made it 13-0, niners the rams were able to add a field goal just before half time. not much scoring in the third quarter either, just one field goal for the niners making it 16-6 and the rams hanging around at this point but in the fourth quarter that would change with this 17-yard touchdown pass to vernon davis. look at this, unbelievable, hurdles the defender. one more time rewind that. hurdling a rams defender, going in for the touchdown, that would pretty much seal the deal for the niners, the rams would score a last minute touchdown but it didn't matter the niners getting it done, getting the win here, keeping their pl
Dec 8, 2013 8:00pm PST
loving this one. first quarter, not much scoring. making it 6-0. niners second quarter, the seahawks would score. lynch taking it 11 yards for the touchdown. next possession, the niners getting into field goal range, relying on the leg of dawson again, and again he would not disappoint. this one from 52 yards in the cold with the wind. phil dawson in beast mode today. yes, i said it. beast mode for a kicker. same quarter, the seahawks would get another touchdown. this one 39 to luke wilson from russell wilson. seahawks take the lead. then this 8 yard pass capping off a great drive by the niners would give the niners the lead and the momentum going into the half. no scoring in the 3rd quarter. so let's skip it. let's move on to the 4th quarter. 6:26 left to play in the game. the seahawks would get another field goal. santa claus not happy. seattle takes the lead. 17-16. the niners would need a big play and they would get it from frank goer. 51 yards on this one, setting up the field goal from 22 yards from phil dawson again. niners getting it done. they improved 9-4 on the season, all
Dec 4, 2013 8:00pm PST
what's going on here. and the niners catching heat after an internal memo goes public. wait until you hear what it >> reporter:we'll let you weigh in, too. >> pam: now at 8-- >> pam: a freeze warning is in effect across the bay area tonight. people bundling up. as temperatures are expected to dip even further. here is a live look at _ _ kron 4's chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett is live in our weather center. tracking the cold temperatures. jacqueline? >> reporter: 36 in antioch we are quite passing a lot of 33 degree readings and they will be dropping into the twenties tonight 20's and '30's bay area wide. the '30's the purple the '20s the peak. pink. we do have freeze warnings in effect for most of the bay area other than san francisco reason being, there is no shelter from the winds here. everywhere else,,. calmer but icy roads again tomorrow morning. coming up! >> pam: kron4 j.r. stone is following this story with who the woman was. >> reporter: you are looking at a box full of human ashes yes that is right human ashes. kron4 stemming robbers made the shocking discovery. a pe
Dec 3, 2013 8:00pm PST
. >> reporter:welcome back everyone. the niners are an early 2 1/2 point favorite to beat seattle sunday at the stick somewhat of a surprise given how bad the seahawks beat up on drew brees and the saints last night in seattle.34-7 >> reporter: somewhat of a surprise given how bad the seahawks beat up on drew brees and the saints last night in seattle.34-7 was the final >> delegation. validation >> those guys, we do not like them and they do not like us. >> reporter:and the saints are pretty good9-2 coming in but seattle is just unstoppable at homenow 14-0 under russell wilson since last year. >> reporter:the 49ers know all about seattle's home dominance - getting trounced up there the last two times they've played. >> reporter:but this time the niners at nomeand harbaugh was asked if they are looking for revenge >> reporter: we will read some of your comments live on the air. great interview gary will sit down with stephen curry! you will not want to miss it! >> reporter:if you watched the seattle game last night, you saw how good russell wilson was. is. >> reporter:a picture may be wor
Dec 6, 2013 8:00pm PST
, go see box. >> they're just 96 minutes left of football, home of the 49ers. but forty-niners, likely will have until may to fill. demolition will happen in the fall of 2014. soccer games, and other sporting events and even a good buy concert could happen at candlestick before that time. this is going to be one of the most intense matches next. >> we have to work. >> j.r. stone, kron4 nos. >> coming up that the kron 4 news. what some bay area enthusiasms are doing to celebrate the life of the late paul walker. >> at ice storm slams of the middle of the country bringing people and planes to a standstill. we are live in memphis where they are filling the brunt of the storm redline south africans continued to mourn the death of nelson mandela. how he is being remembered tonight. >> the world is mourning the death and celebrating the life of nelson mandela. the 95-year-old died yesterday. he made his last major public appearance in 2010, when south africa hosted the but his time away from the public eye did nothing to diminish his place in the public tributes continue to pour in.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5